Below is the first poem I wrote ten years after becoming completely paralyzed in an alcohol related car crash.  This poem briefly describes when I STARTED drinking and when I STOPPED drinking.  Obviously, way too EARLY and even more obvious, way too LATE! 

Don't let it be too late for you!

  NEVER, EVER, Drink & Drive!



At fifteen I took my first drink.
Why did I do it, I canít even think.
Twenty-one rolled around, and I partied down!
Beer, Whiskey, every imaginable drink.
Why did I do it, I canít even think.

Time passed by, and twenty-five was near.
Why donít we celebrate and go drink some beer.
This weekend I work, so why donít we wait.
Until the next one, So I can stay out late!
Next weekend was here, and boy did I cheer!
Once again I was ready to go drink some beer.

The night was young as we drove out of town.
Many hours passed as we partied down!
We then headed toward home, without even thinking;
about how much alcohol we had just been drinking.

My friend is now gone,
but I am still here.
That life changing night, we drank our last cheer.
Why did I do it, I canít even think.
From that moment on, I no longer drink.

Time canít erase all that I drank,
but for sparing my life, I have God to thank.
Remember this before you drink,
you may not get another chance to think!

Written by: Rhonda © November 2001








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