I grew up near a bowling alley.  Riding my bicycle there with friends was a favorite pastime.

No longer able-bodied, I thought I could never again enjoy the sport of bowling.


Thanks to my friend Bill Miller...

That has changed for me and many other wheelchair users!




Bill was determined to make bowling as a quadriplegic a reality!



Bill got together a few of his friends and formed a group called the "Quad Squad."  Myself included, we started trying to bowl with a homemade wooden device called a "pusher."

The "pusher" wasn't really easy to bowl with.


My scores were only in the 20s and 30s with this device.


Bill then got together with retired engineer, Claude Giguere and they came up with an idea for a much better bowling device. 

Bill is a co-founder of the corporation that has designed and manufactured a unique device that allows most wheelchair users to bowl.


 We then graduated from bowling badly with the pushing method

To the I can (IKAN) bowl Way better method!

And then the "IKAN Bowler" was born.  For more specific details about the birth of the "IKAN Bowler", checkout their website at http://www.IKANbowler.com.  

Being involved in the development of this product that could truly enrich the lives of the disabled community has been great.  My bowling average is actually better now (with the "IKAN Bowler") than my able-bodied bowling average was.  My high score to date is a 152.  

Once a caddy places the bowling ball on the device with direction from the wheelchair user, the wheelchair user is in complete control of the ball's release.  My injury level forces me to be completely DEPENDENT on others.  So for me personally, the overwhelming feeling of independence I get when bowling with the "IKAN Bowler" is great!  It's awesome to participate in a sport that I thought would never again be possible.




Here's me bowling with the IKAN Bowler


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